160t and 160t explosion-proof bridge crane project passed the acceptance

On April 27, QBE:160 (160+160)t explosion-proof double trolley electric double-beam bridge crane designed and manufactured by Xinxiang Lifting Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. for Xi'an Aerospace Chemical Power Co., Ltd. successfully passed the type load test acceptance.

Carry forward the spirit of aerospace and help the development of aerospace
 As the top domestic equipment manufacturing enterprise, Yufei Heavy Industry Group has been providing high-quality equipment and professional services for many high-end industrial fields such as China's aerospace, nuclear power and hydropower, ports and terminals, iron and steel metallurgy, and military industry. Among them, the domestic large carrier rocket project, satellite launch base project and other aerospace project products account for more than 90% of the market, and are one of the national military industrial project lifting equipment manufacturers.
     This project cooperation with Xi'an Aerospace will help China's space industry to innovate again. Yufei Heavy Industry Group will continue to embrace the space industry, carry forward the spirit of space, adhere to independent innovation, focus on leapfrogging, support development, and lead the future. Brilliant and enterprising in the field of business

Features of 160t+160t explosion-proof bridge crane
QBE160+160 explosion-proof bridge crane is currently the largest double-car explosion-proof bridge crane produced by our company. The explosion-proof level is dⅡBT4. This crane fills the gaps in related fields and is widely used in petroleum, mining, steel, military, Aerospace and other industries. The explosion-proof double trolley crane comprehensively uses technologies such as frequency conversion explosion-proof, double crane point synchronization, weight detection, remote control and fault display, which improves the customer's production efficiency and increases the safety of the customer's on-site production.
With the rapid development of the global aerospace industry, China's aerospace industry has developed more rapidly. The "Tengsheng" crane will use advanced lifting technology and excellent quality assurance to help the development of the national aerospace industry.

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