600 ton double trolley bridge crane of China Southern Power Grid successfully passed the factory acc

On December 19, the 2×3000/600/100KN bridge crane project of the main storage plant of China Southern Power Grid Yangshuo Power Plant, undertaken by Yufei Heavy Industry Group Xinxiang Hoisting Equipment Factory Co., Ltd., passed the factory acceptance. The acceptance expert group is composed of specially invited experts, representatives from the Southern Network Construction Management Company, supervision units and design institutes.
At the acceptance meeting, the expert group listened to the company's summary report on manufacturing and quality control, and checked the quality certification documents and quality control process records. At the test site, according to the requirements of the acceptance outline, the expert group separately inspected and inspected the main structural dimensions of the whole machine, the operating conditions of each mechanism, the main performance indicators of each component, and the electronic control system. Each inspection item met the indicators and technical requirements. performance. In the load test, the high standard 1.2 times dynamic load and 1.4 times static load test were successfully completed. The inspection and test of various indicators have met the performance and indicators of the contract and design requirements. The overall performance is excellent and the quality is reliable. It is highly recognized by the expert group.

The bridge crane of this project has a rated lifting capacity of 600t and is installed in the main building of the Yangjiang Pumped Storage Power Station in Guangdong Province. It is used for the setting of the generator set, the installation of the rotor and the lifting of other items. The whole machine adopts lightweight and modular design, and uses high-precision synchronization technology, safety redundancy technology, unequal high lap structure design and safety monitoring management system, etc., which improves the safety and reliability of the whole machine.
The Group has cooperated with China Southern Power Grid for many times to design and manufacture ultra-large lightweight crane equipment such as QD500/150t, QE440(220+220)t, QE400(200+200)/50t and QE350(175+175)/50t. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "striving for excellence, pursuing excellence, and creating excellent products". With "first-class products, first-class service" won the praise of China Southern Power Grid.

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