Crane exported to Pakistan ANDRITZ project passed the acceptance

Recently, the bridge crane exported to Pakistan's ANDRITZ project successfully passed the inspection. Yufei's excellent service and excellent product quality have been unanimously praised by the Pakistani owner and Andritz.

"Develop quality, improve management, improve service, improve efficiency", serving customers well is the magic weapon for us to win the market. During the acceptance period, the company actively cooperated with the owners to reverse the jet lag, ensured the owners to take a full rest, and arranged all the inspection and acceptance work until noon. After 5 hours of testing, commissioning and load testing, the acceptance of the cranes of the ANDRITZ project was a complete success. At this time, our staff has been working continuously for 8 hours, and everyone carried forward the Yufei spirit of "obeying management and performing due diligence" to ensure the successful completion of the acceptance.

The Pakistani owners and ANDRITZ praised Yufei’s excellent product quality and were very satisfied with the acceptance work arrangement. I am very grateful to Yufei for their respect and understanding. The consideration of being in place reflects Yufei’s meticulous and thoughtful work style. And expressed the hope to continue to maintain a good cooperative relationship with Yufei, and start the follow-up project cooperation.

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