The key project of Henan Crane Co., Ltd. is advancing rapidly

"The first batch of multiple sets of cranes for the Xiamen Metro project has been completed, and the second batch is being stepped up. The Nantong Blue Island 400-ton portal crane project is rapidly advancing..." A few days ago, a production report from the production department of Henan Crane Co., Ltd. It shows that a number of newly-launched key projects have started well and the safety and quality are orderly and controllable. They are rapidly forming a strong production capacity.

Main beam of Xiamen Metro project
Before and after the Spring Festival, Henan Crane Co., Ltd. successively signed many large orders such as Nantong Landao, Guizhou Jinsha County Juli Energy, Zoucheng Grand Canal hot water combined transport, and Xiamen Metro. Facing the gratifying market situation and busy production tasks, the company quickly took measures to adjust the division of senior leadership in a timely manner, implemented the project responsibility system for the management team members, strengthened the work coordination mechanism, opened the regular production meetings to the production site, and effectively strengthened the leadership on the production site And management efforts.
In order to speed up the progress and ensure the construction period, the company cooperated closely and coordinated operations. The technical system worked overtime to get rid of the drawings, the material acquisition system purchased production materials and supporting parts in advance, the production system optimized the organization plan, rationally dispatched manpower and equipment, and innovative production methods, development tooling, and night battles for the production teams and teams. Working hard, the production climaxes are repeated, and the node time limit is broken. The second batch of two gantry cranes in Xiamen Metro, which has the most urgent construction period, can be guaranteed to be shipped at the end of this month, and other key projects are in order.

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