Yufei Heavy Industry Port Machinery Receives Order Again

On August 10, Henan Flying Machinery Group Henan Crane Co., Ltd. won the bid in the second bid opening of the gantry crane procurement project for the container site of Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Port Co., Ltd. This is another "high gold content" order that the company has harvested following the floating crane series in Jingzhou Port, the 2000T ultrafine powder ship loading machine in Caofeidian Port, and the 1000T ship loading machine in Chongqing Port.

With the continuous shrinkage of the domestic crane market and fierce competition, the port machinery of Henan Crane Co., Ltd. is constantly ordering, producing and selling vigorously, deducing the myth in "spring", which is really exciting.
In recent years, the company has put the quality and brand building in a very important position around the main line of work proposed by the chairman of the board, "improving quality, creating brands, expanding markets, focusing on customers, controlling costs, increasing benefits, and promoting development". After careful analysis and accurate positioning of the company's leadership, the company's leadership decided to rely on the advantages of existing equipment and technology, take the path of professional production and differentiated operation, create differentiated products that are superior to other companies, and occupy the full market. Flyport Machinery has become a synonym for the industry brand, let customers mention port machinery, first think of Yufei.
The company implements technological innovation, strengthens technology research and development, enhances quality brands, expands production teams and teams, and strives for excellence in production. It has built a standardized, specialized and serialized port machinery production workshop, and product quality is effectively guaranteed. After the domestic first Caofeidian Port 2000T ultra-fine powder ship loading machine was put into use, users have received good feedback. "Yufei Port Machinery" has been recognized by more and more customers, and the market prospect is broad.

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