Yufei successfully developed China first continuous grain ship unloader

Driven by technological innovation, Yufei Heavy Industry Group has independently developed and manufactured China's first continuous grain ship unloader, a continuous scraper for buried scrapers, on the basis of fully absorbing foreign advanced technology concepts, breaking the The pattern of relying on imports since then has filled the domestic gap. In order to stabilize this technological achievement, on March 25, the "China's first independent research and development ship unloader drawing review meeting" organized by the China Port Association and undertaken by Yufei Heavy Industry Group was held in Xinxiang. COFCO Technology Group, Dalian Port Machinery Design Institute , The Water Transport Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, Shanghai Port, Guangzhou Port, Qingdao Port, Qinhuangdao Port, Dalian Port, Rizhao Port, Shenzhen Port, Henan University of Technology and other national port system and grain system leaders and experts attended the meeting and jointly Discuss the landing and development of the technology and products, and do a good job in the research and development and manufacturing of China's first independently developed ship unloader.
On the morning of March 25, leaders and experts of domestic port systems and food systems visited Yufei New Industrialized Equipment Industrial Park to learn about the R&D and manufacturing strength of Yufei lifting equipment. For many years, Yufei Heavy Industry Group has adhered to the strategy of innovation-driven development, implemented industrial transformation and upgrading, and formed a large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, product development, manufacturing sales, and installation services. Yufei New Industrialized Equipment Industrial Park Marine machinery and high-performance special cranes and other major technical equipment are at the core, supplemented by equipment manufacturing supporting products. It is an industrial demonstration base with strong production capacity and a complete industrial chain, and a technological innovation center that drives the transformation and upgrading of the equipment industry. Yufei occupies an absolute industry leadership position in military cranes, water conservancy and hydropower cranes, metallurgical cranes, port cranes, marine cranes and intelligent cranes, and has obtained many national patents and filled domestic gaps many times. The R&D and manufacturing of continuous grain ship unloaders broke the foreign monopoly on this product, and it is also another major contribution of Yu Fei to my country's port machinery and equipment after environmentally friendly continuous ship loader and hoist type ship unloader.

Brief Introduction of Yufei Grain Continuous Ship Unloader
The buried scraper ship unloader developed by Yufei Heavy Industry Group is the first of its kind in China. There are four types: floating type, fixed type, tire type and rail type. It is suitable for the loading and unloading of various ship types and various bulk cargoes, and it can unload ocean vessels of up to 160,000 deadweight tons. The unloaded goods include grain, wheat, corn, rapeseed, feed, raw sugar, fertilizer, cement and other bulk materials.
The performance characteristics of Yufei buried scraper ship unloader: strong ship unloading capacity, stable transportation efficiency, maximum ship unloading capacity of up to 1500t per hour; low energy consumption, small environmental pollution caused by closed transportation; compact machine structure and relatively low weight Light; the ship unloading system has high reliability, can work with maximum capacity continuously for a long time, and has good maneuverability and flexibility; adapt to the operation requirements of multiple ship types and multiple bulk cargoes; low operating costs, easy maintenance; reliable use , Simple operation, high degree of automation, remote control, suitable for all-climate operation requirements; less overall transmission components, lower wear rate, scraper chain life up to 18000 hours, is the most cost-effective unloading vessel in the bulk grain handling industry so far device.

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