Yufei Manufacturing Powers Zhuhai Port Project Construction

    Recently, Yufei Heavy Industry Group Henan Crane Company's MQ4030 single-arm door base machine sent to Zhuhai Port Zhangzhou is being systematically installed and commissioned. Its advanced design, process precision and excellent product production are subject to Zhuhai Port (Chuzhou). The customers of Port Authority Co., Ltd. are highly praised and highly satisfied with the performance, technology and quality of the products, and highly praised.

     Behind all these achievements is the result of the struggle of every employee of Yufei. From the initial functional digestion, customer communication, product design, organization and production to the whole delivery, it took 6 months, especially the hard work, day and night of the production line staff. In order to ensure product quality and delivery progress, our company sent professional installation team, technical engineers and after-sales personnel on-site service, and followed up on-site installation to meet the requirements of equipment commissioning and operation, which effectively guaranteed the project. Smooth progress.

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