Install a ship loader on the water and reflect the rainbow in the Wujiang water!

Recently, the 1200t/h ship loader with fixed and extra-long conveyor boom designed and manufactured by Yufei Heavy Industry Group for Guizhou Jinsha County Juli Energy Co., Ltd. successfully completed the staged water installation, and the main steel structure installation task of the whole machine on site Successfully completed. It is the first time for waterborne installation. The Group’s technology research and development center has innovated and optimized the installation plan. For the first time, Henan Crane Co., Ltd. independently undertakes waterborne installation and construction tasks, which not only saves the high cost of floating crane leasing, but also creates a precedent for installing waterborne ship loader. It has accumulated valuable practical experience for subsequent waterborne installation operations, improved installation technology, and was highly praised by the leaders of both parties. It has added new achievements for Yufei Ship Loader to develop the southwestern market in China.
This ship loader is installed in a dam on the Wujiang section of the river. It is surrounded by mountains on both sides. The mountain road is rugged. Only 8t truck cranes can be installed along the road to the site, which cannot meet the needs of hoisting. This brings to the installation and construction. Very difficult. The company went to the site for many times to conduct on-site inspections, combined with the actual on-site optimization of the installation plan, and after many discussions and calculations and simulations, the water level barge lifting method was formulated. In order to ensure that the installation of the main steel structure of the whole machine is completed before the water level falls, the chief engineer of the group personally leads the personnel of the technical research and development center to the installation site for technical guidance. The installation team of the Henan Crane Company project is advancing rapidly to overcome the instability of the construction on the water and the ship. , Limitations, and other unfavourable factors, not afraid of hardships, working overtime, continuous combat, competing for time and speed, without any experience, continually exploring and courageous innovation, the first independent and high-quality completion of the shipment within the specified time At present, the task of installing the aircraft on the water has been successfully completed at the stage of the installation of the steel structure of the fixed ultra-long boom, tail boom, portal, and some booms.

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