Yufei container gantry crane was praised by Shentie users

Recently, Yufei Heavy Industry Group Xinxiang Hoisting Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. successfully produced multiple 32t container gantry cranes for major freight yards such as Kaiyuan, Zhenlai and Meihekou of Shenyang Railway Bureau, which successfully passed the inspection and acceptance by the supervisor and the experts of the acceptance group After auditing, its product quality and overall performance were well received by Shentie users, and have been delivered to users one after another with good operation.
This type of crane is suitable for the loading, unloading and handling of warehouses and stockyards that are suitable for open-air operations such as industrial and mining, docks and railways. It is specially equipped with three functions: anti-sway device, remote monitoring and sound and light warning alarm.

The anti-sway function can realize fast and accurate alignment of the spreader and the container. It shortens the time for the door machine to stop, place, and install, increases the number of containers transported in a unit time, and improves the working efficiency of container door cranes.
The security monitoring system is composed of human-machine interface nodes, various sensor detection nodes and GPRS transceiver modules. The system is based on sensor technology, data acquisition technology, data fusion processing, wireless sensor network and remote data communication technology, and completes and efficiently implements the container door machine The real-time monitoring and sound and light warning alarm function of single machine operation.

The front-end monitoring device and the back-end remote monitoring platform of the security monitoring system are seamlessly integrated to achieve open real-time monitoring. While the door machine realizes on-site safety monitoring and running sound and light alarms, the door machine is operated through remote high-speed wireless data transmission. The working condition safety data and alarm information are sent to the remote visual monitoring platform in real time, so as to realize real-time dynamic remote monitoring, remote alarm, and make the door machine security monitoring become an open real-time dynamic monitoring.

The contract was successfully completed, and with its superb quality and perfect after-sales service, it was highly praised by Shentie users. A good reputation has laid a good foundation for the company to develop the railway system market.

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