Semi Gantry Crane
  • Semi Gantry Crane
  • Semi Gantry Crane
  • Semi Gantry Crane
  • Semi Gantry Crane

Semi Gantry Crane

Lifting height:6m
Ambient Temperature:-25~40℃

Note: The above parameters are for reference only, and can be designed and manufactured according to user's needs.

Semi gantry crane compared with electric single-girder crane, save investment and space, compared with electric hoist gantry crane, save the production space, therefore when selecting ordinary electric single-girder crane or electric hoist gantry crane is not very ideal, semi gantry crane is a better solution.
1, Semi gantry crane structure: by the lifting mechanism and the trolley, single girder and leg, electric cabinet, operating system and safety protection system, etc;
2. Semi gantry crane drive: squirrel-cage motor + machine of decelerate of hard tooth flank, disc brakes, free maintenance;
3. Semi gantry crane operation mode: the cable to hold (IP65, life 500000 times), wireless remote control, driving operation
We designed Semi Gantry cranes with different capacities and spans that will meet your requirements

Lifting capacity t 10
Span m 10 12 16 20
Lifting height m 6
Travelling mechanism Travelling speed  Ground m/min 20
Controling room 20                30
Motor Ground   ZDY(D)122-4/1.5 X2 ZDY131S-4/2.2 X2
Controling room   ZDR100-4/1.5 X2 ZDR112L1-4/2.1 X2
Reducer   LDA1     LDAC1 LDH     LDHC
Wheel diameter mm Φ270 Φ400
Electric hoist Type   CD1                  MD1
Lifting speed m/min 7,7/0.7
Travelling speed  m/min 20 (30)
Motor Lifting   ZD151-4/13                                   ZDS11.5/13
Travelling   ZDY121-4/0.8 X2
Working system A4
Steel track recommended P38
Power source 3-Phase 380V 50Hz
The crane weight Ground Kg 6600 7500 8350 10650
Controling room Kg 7400 8300 9150 11450
Max. wheel load KN 78 85 94 103
Basic dimendions H1 mm 1670
H2 900 1000 1100 1250
H3 720 865 920 970
B 4800 5200
B1 3700
B2 1600
B3 2000 2500 3000

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