Wall Mounted Jib Crane
  • Wall Mounted Jib Crane
  • Wall Mounted Jib Crane
  • Wall Mounted Jib Crane
  • Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Wall Mounted Jib Crane

Loading capacity:0.5 ~ 2 t
Lifting height:3 ~ 20 m
Jib length:2 ~ 10 m
Slewing degree:0 ~ 180°
Power supply:220 ~ 690V,50/60HZ,3Phase

Note: The above parameters are for reference only, and can be designed and manufactured according to user's needs.
eral description

Wall mounted jib crane is a new generation of hoisting equipment developed to meet the requirement of modernized production in side workshop or house. It is wall mounted type which is suitable for short distance, frequent and intensive hoisting operations, with such features as high efficiency, energy  frugal, labor saving, occupying less space, easy operating and maintenance, etc.

 Specific details
  • Loading capacity: 0.5 ~ 2ton ;
  • Lifting height:3 ~ 20m ;
  • Jib length:2 ~ 10m;
  • Slewing degree:0 ~ 180°;
  • Power supply:220 ~ 690V,50/60HZ,three phase or customized design.
  • Factory,workshop,warehouse,store;
  • Logistic,dock,port , freight yard ;
  • Construction building,mine,etc.
 Advantage & feature
  • 1.Installation with high strength bolt connection;
  • 2.Convenient in operation,safe and turn to flexible;
  • 3.Low noise,commodious cabin and good looking;
  • 4.High quality and efficiency, competitive price;
  • 5.Reasonable and simple whole structure,Light self-weight, conform to the state standards;
  • 6.Inexpensive handling systems doesn't require modification of the building structure around.

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