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Casting Crane

Lifting weight:5~550t
Span: 6m-31.5m
Max. Lifting Height: 30M
Warranty: 1 Year
Design criteria:GB  FEM  JIS  ISO

Note: The above parameters are for reference only, and can be designed and manufactured according to user's needs.

Casting crane is one of the main equipments in the continuous casting technology of steelmaking. It is mainly used for pouring melted iron from additive bay of converter to converter; lifting molten steel from refining bay to refining furnace or lifting molten steel from molten steel bay to ladle turret of continuous casting machine.


The overall structure of foundry crane has the following forms: two girders and two rail, four girders and four rails, and four girder and six rail, etc. The form of two girder and two rail, four girder and four rail, are mainly used for middle and large-tonnage foundry crane; the form of four-girder and six-rail and two trolley is mainly used for extra large-tonnage foundry crane.

Technical parameter

Double Girder Casting Crane
Capacity(t) Lifting Height(m) Speed (m/min) Total Power (kw) Recomend Rail (kg/m)
Main hook Aux hook Main hook Main Hook Aux. hook Trolley Crane
16/3.2 12 15 2.5~9 9 20~38 30~70 19.4~49.5 52.8
20/5 27.5~62.5
25/5 28.1~72.9
32/5 15 17 30~80 29.7~110 63.69
40/5 2~9 30~70 30.5~111.5
50/10 2~7 9 46.4~130
63/10 21 23 1.5~7 9 46.4~157
75/20 26 28 1.7~7 7 18~30 81~184 88.96

Order demand
1. capacity(main hoist and auxiliary hoist)
2.lifting height
4.working temperature and industrial voltages
5.the ladle's size, if you need the lifting tools
6.three kinds of speed: lifting speed, cross travelling speed, crane travelling speed. If you have not special demand, we will quote you as our standard speed.
7.if you need the electric scale

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