Double Girder Overhead Crane
  • Double Girder Overhead Crane
  • Double Girder Overhead Crane
  • Double Girder Overhead Crane
  • Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double Girder Overhead Crane

Lifting weight:5~500t
Span: 10.5-31.5m
Lifting height: 6-30m
Working Class: A3,A4
Design criteria:GB  FEM  JIS  ISO

Note: The above parameters are for reference only, and can be designed and manufactured according to user's needs.

Robust, built to last and designed around your needs, double girder overhead cranes are ideal for lifting heavier capacities.

Double girder overhead crane is a lifting solution designed to carry medium and heavy duty loads. By using two adjacently positioned beams, double girder cranes offer improved support for the goods being handled, allowing the movement of larger capacities. Typically we will specify a double girder crane design for loads over approx. 10 tonnes.

Yufei are the most versatile manufacturer of double girder cranes, providing a comprehensive range for lifting requirements of all kinds. All our double girder overhead cranes are made to order – meaning they can be built to any size and adapted to handle any load.

We utilise an advanced design system and meticulously evaluate all mechanical, structural and electrical components used in the production of every double girder overhead crane, resulting in cost effective, reliable and safe lifting solutions.

Our Kinematic Drive System, which comes as standard on all of our double girder cranes, is one of the features which sets us apart from other suppliers. This provides a higher level of performance by allowing for variable speed control.

As a leading China manufacturer, we can produce double girder cranes to suit any application in any industry. Even in the most arduous of working environments, such as nuclear or subterranean, we can create special configurations including open barrel hoist designs to cater to any requirement.

Double girder overhead crane options
We can also incorporate a number of optional extras into the design of your double girder overhead crane to help meet the goals of your application. These include things like remote control access, walkways, floodlights and cabs.

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