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Metallurgy Crane

Lifting capacity: 5t-500t
Lifting height: No limited
Span length: 10.5m-31.5m
Working duty: A6-A8

Note: The above parameters are for reference only, and can be designed and manufactured according to user's needs.

CE Certificated Double Beam Overhead Metallurgy Crane
Introduction of double beam overhead metallurgy crane:
Double beam overhead metallurgy crane is mainly compsed of bridge,crab,connecting traverse,trolley travelling mechanism and electric part. The main hook employs the constant-spacing connection traverse as the load handling device to hoist steel ladle and the auxiliary hoisting.
The ausiliary hook acts in concert with the main hook to accomplish pouring of molten steel and steel slag,and other auxiliary hoisting.
The trolley travelling mechanism and main electric equipment are installed in the girder. The girder' s electric panel room employs rock wool for heat insulation,and has an air cooler inside. To reduce heat radiation of molten steel to metal structural members,a thermal baffle is set along the span direction at the bottom of the girder.
The trolley travelling mechanism adopts four-corner drive.
The crane is equipped with a  special electronic scale,and there are display devices in the cab and on the bridge. The main hoisting mechanism is furnished with an overspeed switch.
Features of double beam overhead metallurgy crane:
1,The crane is heat resistance type.It has  fire prevention heat insulation protection devices .
2,The trolley is equipped with special motor for metallurgy insulation class H.
3,The trolly is matched with two sets brakes(double brake), double drive mechanism.
4,Hard-toothed surface driven for reducer's gear.
5,The electric is  fully covered, dustproof, and heat insulation for cooling.
6,The cabin's window use  double-layer toughened glass, equipped with industrial aircooler.

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