Dust Explosion Proof Crane
  • Dust Explosion Proof Crane

Dust Explosion Proof Crane

Lifting weight:5~150t
Design criteria:GB  FEM  JIS  ISO

Note: The above parameters are for reference only, and can be designed and manufactured according to user's needs.

Explosion poof overhead crane used in the factory that explosion proof is not higher than grade ⅡB, with flammable gas or explosive gas be mixed by vapor and air (ignition temperature group from T1 to T4). It has been widely used in petroleum, mining, steel, military, aerospace and other industries.

Explosion poof overhead crane mainly consists of bridge, explosion proof trolley, explosion proof operation mechanism and electrical equipment. In order to meet the requirements of explosion proof mechanical, the working line speed of large and small operating mechanism be controlled within 16m/min. The involvement speed of the wire rope about lifting mechanism should not more than 28m/min.

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